Make money:

Q: How does 2leep's "Making money" technology work?

A: A simple one-time, javascript code install enables us to detect content and posts on your blog and match relevant ads posts to them.

Q: Why should I display ads widget on my blog?

A: The Internet is flush with traditional banner ads and users have become so accustomed to seeing them that they are clicking less often. This translates to less revenue for publishers. Widget ads are a new and exciting way to drive meaningful revenue to your website without compromising your existing inventory

Q: Can a site with predominately International/Non-US Traffic register with 2leep ads?

A: Right now we accepting only US Traffic!

Q: Does 2leep conflict with existing ads on my website?

A: 2leep's ads work alongside standard ad networks including Google Adsense, Adbrite, Chitka, etc.

Q: How does 2leep pay publishers?

A: 2leep pays our publishers within 60 days after the month once you reach the $50 threshold. For example, if your account reached $50 in June you would receive payment by August 31st. All payments are sent through Paypal. You can enter your payment information under the "Making money" tab.

Q: How soon do I start earning revenue?

A: You will start earning revenue as soon as ads posts start displaying on your blog.